July 26, 2019

When outages happen - what do you do?

On Wednesday 24 July, there was major disruption up and down the country due to a major internet outage. Thousands of businesses will have been affected resulting in all the predictable impact; lost productivity and revenue and in some cases even more serious consequences.

At Nomical, we support a number of multi-site operators who depend on uninterrupted access to the internet. In some cases, our customers trade on a 24/7 basis and therefore cannot afford any downtime. That is why we designed a robust multi-network cellular back-up solution that automatically switches over to the strongest mobile network available in the area, should a broadband outage happen. This solution allows our customers to continue trading as normal with access to business critical systems which are increasingly powered by the internet.

If you were affected by the outage or are interested in learning more about our connectivity solutions, please contact us.

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